Local Hit & Run 6.18.23 Multi use Building in West Allis WI

This morning had a pile of starts and stops. We met up somewhat early and decided to head down to the YMCA in Racine! As soon as we made our way to the entry point, a Sheriff parked just past the trees in the first 2 pics. Once we realized it would be an extra hassle to gain entry here, we decided to bail and head to our other planned sites for the day. Every time we go out and attempt to explore, we like to have a couple/few spots in mind. You never know what sites may have temporary obstacles that day or week, always keep your options open.

We have been cultivating a list of spots to explore and spots we need to do more recon on! These lists can and will start to grow very fast! We currently have over 60 sites that we try to drive past occasionally! You never know when new entry points will open up, or when the building will finally be demolished! So, Do your recon!

After leaving the YMCA site, we drove to Wabash and hung out there for a bit getting the final shots from inside that excellent old shell of a facility! Once done at Wabash we headed back to our local area! This Multi use building wasn’t really even on our radar, We just decided to take a lap through the parking lot and tug on some doors..

As usual, I kept getting skunked and rejected on all my door tugs, Yet like the boss that she is, My UE partner opened 1 of the first doors she came to.. What follows are all of our pictures from this site on 2 different Sunday mornings. This place is now torn down, but we appreciate our 2 lil strolls through this site!

The last time we were here demolition fence was in place and we had a local vagrant named Greg show us around “his place” for a “cool Jackson”… I just handed Greg what I had in my pocket(might’ve been 2 Jacksons).. We went here hoping to get in, and thought Greg may be security. We found out Greg was living in and around this building with a few other people. I don’t know where Greg now stays, I hope he is doing well in the WI winter cold!

It turns out the machete and the bed roll were Greg’s! Stay aware of your surroundings, always have an exit in mind.. Had Greg not been a decent person, things could’ve gone badly…..

As usual the first set of pictures will be mine, followed my UE partner’s pics! We hope you decide to play along!

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We still hadn’t gained entry and today we wouldn’t
it was warm as hell in some of these rooms
it was warm as hell in some of these rooms
it was warm as hell in some of these rooms
Def. a bed roll
that is a backpack
and a machete
old person chair lift
I had never seen 1 of these before
so so quiet
very cool wood working
basement stairs to , almost no where
Greg is showing us around

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