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Urban Exploration

Abandoned Parchment Papermill April 2024 – The Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company – KVP

This gallery contains pics of DOD’s second time to this site! On the first visit to this site I was alone, and that will have its own post in th…

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Huge Decaying Religious & Educational Campus in the Midwest (pics from a few more recent visits) *** The Bird Incident***

TL;DR – History is fun and the caring people who lived and worked here strove towards benefiting the lives of countless individuals! This entire…

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Active Demolition at Filer and Stowell’s Milwaukee Headquarters. Winter ’24

On a wintery morning in early ’24, we just happened to drive by a site that was on our list. While this site had been on our list for some time,…

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“Audio Farmhouse” Dec. 2023

I’ve officially given up on trying to release our explores in chronological order. They will come out in whatever order makes us happy! All that…

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LEGENDS PODCAST – Here we discuss Entertainment Legends, and Legendary entertainment. Cult, Classic, New, Old, Original, Sequels, Reboot, Remake, Web, TV, Comic, Video Games and more, for better or worse. Come listen to a rotating cast of hosts (including some special guests) as we comment on our favorite entertainment.

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Westworld Weekly – A Podcast dealing with HBO’s Westworld and General AI revolt!

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EXPANSIVE PODCAST – A rewatch and recap podcast dedicated to the sci fi show The Expanse

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WHOLESOME ADDICTION – We are Wholesome Addiction! The only sexual entertainment show where three middle-aged men talk about “stuff” and “things” for an hour and change… also there’s: porn, pics, erotica, and sexual-news which is much more interesting than whatever it is we babble on about unsupervised. So welcome to the show that’s proud to be that s#@! you auto-hide at work!

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LoneWolf Podcast Network -We are largely a collection of podcasts that are independently produced, and honestly, don’t fit in a traditional podcast network slot for one reason or another. 

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