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not a plant.. was just there
“helllllo friend”

Urban Exploration

Laps around the local area 7.29-30.23

Last summer we made a conscious effort to start hitting multiple sites each time we went out on an explore. While this can be a bit of extra work befo…

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Northwoods WI 7.15.23 Water access only!

Northwoods : Lincoln County WI. These two sites were frozen in place and time respectively! While up north this past summer, I had a local friend reco…

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Local Hit & Run 6.18.23 Multi use Building in West Allis WI

This morning had a pile of starts and stops. We met up somewhat early and decided to head down to the YMCA in Racine! As soon as we made our way to th…

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Wabash Alloys in SE WI – roaming through an abandoned alloy recycler! 6.10 & 18.23

After a few months of sparse exploration my partner and I were itching to get out again. My Partner, with her skills has affectionately picked up a co…

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