St. Aloysius Church, nunnery, and school(W/ permission) 11.20.22

When you find yourself at a city council meeting, always keep your ears open for opportunities. As an urban explorer, life is really about finding and creating opportunities to access or gain access to sites through any and all means!!

If you look back to the first day I posted anything on to you will notice 2 mini explores, 1 of them being a church! I spent many years in this church and school growing up, Yet a ton of my friends spent all their formative years here! After our mini explore I needed to go back to this site and “do it properly”.. My family helped found this church, we have celebrated many wedding, anniversaries, milestones, and funerals here. So while we made it into the school that first night, I NEEDED to get into the Church…

We had all the time in the world! A ton of our pics will be similar if not the same… Sometimes the same things fascinate us…

We hope you decide to give us a listen.. and to play along.. send any thoughts or emails to

Below is some “lightly produced” GoPro footage of our walk-thru at all these sites! We hope you check em out and play along! Comment, Share, Subscribe, Like.. However you want to help!!! Tell any St Aloysius Alum. about these vids!


We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to document this site!
This school explore was also part of that same morning and was really something special!
If you, or anyone you know attended St Aloysius in West Allis WI, These last 3 videos will serve as a SHOT of NOSTALGIA… We hope you play along!

St Aloysius church- short drone video in the church

The 1st pile of picture will be those taken by me! With just my cellphone

What follows now, will be my EP(exploration partner’s) pics.. I’m fairly certain she used at least 2 different cameras.. enjoy

Just a few more to round off this truly EPIC explore! If you are playing along, thank you… If you aren’t, give us a download and listen… then send in your thoughts/ideas/input to

the vestibule of my youth
never saw close enough to the altar to see this before
old confessional booths
this light shone down on me for many Sundays
balcony organ
children’s room books spilling into the hallway
old confessional booths
children’s room with books
i looked at this with such focus for so many hours on Sunday mornings as a youth
fish in the ceiling
sign of the cross yo
this light shone down on me for many Sundays
from the back room of the church, the offering door
start of the nunnery
loved this safe door to the “key closet”
Blade, Van Helsing, or some other hunter of vampires lets a bit of his kit laying around
we are back in the school… alwyas with the tenis balls
loved the old craftsmanship of these door mechanisms
old VHS full tape recorders
sign in the faculty crapper
chemical fire extinguisher dust almost everywhere
love this tile work, my EP has a better pic
sad library
old VHS full tape recorders
cool mural science room
i owned this model
not much any way
alright, what now
so cool
“next # to be called is”
the sucker pull has been ravaged by the local rodents!
the sucker pull has been ravaged by the local rodents!
there is a local rodent now
skull furnace
huhhhh duhhh YUCK
blakc ducktape lil dude
auto wash
double oven
puts nana’s mixer to shame
dartball! i see you friends…
archer tower on its side
BINGO board
the ball holder for the BINGO board
raffle tickets
piano on papertowel roll
outdated gym lights
LITE festival pitcher
oldskool timer for exterior lights
just left there
just left there
not a plant.. was just there
a ton like the 1st night shots… but now with more permission and light
not a plant.. was just there
start of the nunnery
‘stallis kitchen, all day
parishes in the area
chemical fire extinguisher dust
colors down the hall
these painting are straight out of St. Coletta’s halways
my childhood
much better pic, getting it all
sad library
science mural room
back hall of shells
God’s light in this stairwelll
Pennywise luring us to the basement
fuck, i wanted this
rodents get muchies too
wanted 1 of these.. couldnt break our moto
jail lunch trays
not what she said bwhahahaha.. listen to giggle
food slot
jurassic park fencing…
great shot
yeah, sadly… prob, forever
want this key closet safe
stop dropping your gear
fucking kids
i key pressed… by an unseen force.. or gravity

8 thoughts on “St. Aloysius Church, nunnery, and school(W/ permission) 11.20.22”

  1. These pictures bring back so many memories, both happy & sad. Thank you the1stbeef (my son) for bringing these memories flooding back.

  2. Beef,
    Kevin’s B-law. Very impressive. My kids were the 4th generation in our family to attend St Als and Church. So sad to see it go.

    • It is a bit sad to see it go. So many have so much history there! Glad you liked the pics. I knew I had to try and preserve what I could, if only through pictures!

  3. Most of these pics are past my time as I graduated in 1968. Yet I can’t help but be impressed by your efforts in allowing us a trip down “Memory Lane”!
    BTW…. You had to be there in the 60’s. The stories I could tell.
    Thank you for your time and effort.


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