“Audio Farmhouse” Dec. 2023

I’ve officially given up on trying to release our explores in chronological order. They will come out in whatever order makes us happy! All that being said, we are sorry if you get a little overlap from this new release plan. Since we have been, and will continue to road trip a bit more this season, those should be the galleries that jump the line. We hope you enjoy!

We have talked a ton before about our ever growing list of places to explore and recon. This list seemingly has no end, and on a good day we may add more stops than we complete! In November and December of ’23 we were doing a ton of driving to and from one specific spot in SE Wisconsin. Sadly, we still have not gained access to that site, but here is to hoping for the future.

During all that back and forth driving on those early mornings we must have passed this farm and house countless times. Each time we drove by, this place remained invisible to us. One rainy and misty morning we spotted this barn and house missing its windows. I quickly busted a U-turn and we looked for a place to park.

We decided to ditch the vehicle between the barn and an outbuilding to shield it from the road. We took a short time documenting the barns and the silo before we headed inside the house. Once inside, I noticed a pile of holes in the ceilings that went straight out through the roof, these didn’t feel like normal water damage to me. The were also two “bodies” on the dining room floor. Initially I thought they were for police do training, but upon further inspection I think the were for firefighter or EMT training. Since these “bodies” had “dead weight” and reacted like an unconscious person, they would’ve been the proper analog for training purposes.

For more information on the human analogs, check out this link! One of our viewers was gracious enough to send it our way, after he identified “Hose-A” through our video and this article! It is a fun read! https://www.jsonline.com/story/communities/south/news/oak-creek/2022/08/03/oak-creek-fire-department-turns-old-hose-into-new-training-dummy/10219183002/

On the way to the basement were greeted with another hole in the kitchen ceiling allowing beautifully overcast natural light to pour through. The holes and the “bodies” were interesting, but this site was basically just an abandoned farmhouse until you got to the basement!

Once in the basement we found the usual suspects, tons of old family photos, albums, paint, glassware, and knick-knacks from a few generations. We were surprised to find piles of old audio! From stacks of vinyl in or out of their sleeves, to piles of reels, from old reel to reel players, this basement was a treasure trove of old audio! The was even an old electric organ! The last person to live here must’ve been a huge lover of music and audio. It is a shame most if not all of this will be lost. We are thankful to have been able to preserve this old audio farmhouse!

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These next pics will be my UE partner’s pics!

god cage for auction
floor drain
silo down
silo up
OK sign… whatevs
star filled ceiling
paradise, vacation goals
some parts in much worse shape
love these new skylights
didn’t check, maybe “VHS” in there 🙂
adult analog
child/teen analog
very strange color room….
personal oxygen
spent tank
This grey.ish overcast light!
I loved this natural light
my cords are easy to untangle
hey, that is just the alphabet
decade birthday buttons
50s & 60s rock
gotta have a player
pepto barf color
1 last look
chill spot
must’ve loved this picture
loved these shots

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