Laps around the local area 7.29-30.23

Last summer we made a conscious effort to start hitting multiple sites each time we went out on an explore. While this can be a bit of extra work before the explore, it really does maximize your daylight and time on each site!

There were many mornings we planned to hit 6 or more spots! Most days you might not be able to gain access to all of your planned sites. You should plan to drive past a couple/few sites for recon, and plan to access the sites you had previously reconned. This is never foolproof though, as sites are constantly changing. Be prepared to throw your plan out the window and adapt. Some of our best and most fun explores come from impromptu entries! Gaining entry may just be a simple door tug away! No matter what happens, always be aware of the dangers around you!

On this morning we planned to hit 5 or so different places. Some of our initial targets were entirely too “buttoned up” for us to gain access to the building, or even the site.(We will keep those on our recon list, and try again) With our initial target impossible to access that morning we adjusted on the fly!

While walking around the exterior of the site we couldn’t find a way in. We decided to check out the old junk/salvage yard just down the river and see how the morning progressed. With a little shimmying we were able to gain access to the salvage yard through the fence. There really wasn’t too much going on in the salvage yard, but it was a nice way to get the day rolling!

When we left the salvage yard we headed back west past our initial target.(The middle silo building) As we passed that initial target, we saw a smaller less secure silo right next to the road we used. This secondary silo building(while not our 1st plan) had great potential for a little explore.

While walking into this set of sites, we passed the red arrow on the map overview… Near that red arrow there was a small hole in the fence.(this would come into play later) We proceeded to do a couple initial laps around that secondary silo looking for another way in. It didn’t take long to find a nice large access point up near black arrow on the map overview.

When we were on site and in the fence, this seemed like any other quick explore. Once we set about exploring and documenting the site, we parted ways and headed into the darkness. I first ventured down and under the silos where most of the substructure was flooded. Standing water of almost any depth and flooded areas really make my mind wander and give me the creeps. We started to go vertically in the silos, pausing to take pictures at each level as we went up. I was on the 3rd or 4th floor when my partner shakily called my name. When I went back to the hallway to see what she needed, she was pale and looked really stressed out! She proceeded to tell me someone yelled at her from the ground…

We strategically looked outside and there were 2 workers. One in a truck and the other in a front end loader. They were over on the side of the site that initially gave us access through the fence(black arrow). While there, they parked their vehicles in front of our access hole and waited to catch us upon our exit! This would’ve been a great trap had I not remembered the 2nd hole in the fence by the bridge!!!(red arrow)

For what seemed like a longtime we debated our next move. Leave through our first entry hole and get caught by the workers. Wait for the workers to call the cops and wait for the cops to show up and ticket us. Lastly, we could hotfoot it out the secondary hole by the fence(red arrow) and run like hell. So the later is exactly what we did! I wonder just how long those 2 workers waited to catch their prey.(like cats at a mouse hole) The skyrocketing stress and heartbeat on my smart watch was something fun to witness! Unfortunately, we did have to cut this explore shorter than we initially hoped, and also run our asses off!

As usual these first sets of pictures are from my view and the second set of pictures is from my UE Partner’s view.

We hope you decide to play along and give our walk-thru a listen! Also, If you have any thoughts, comments, questions, or just basic input Please- Email us and keep the interaction going!

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Black arrow = our entry and the Red arrow = our hasty exit…

Now onto the second set of pictures from this morning! Like always, there will be a pile of similar photos, because we have similar tastes in pics…

modern art
excellent filing system
suddenly I felt tiny
That building in the distance is the one we initially wanted to enter
There is something so creepy about standing water
Standing water that hasn’t been disturbed
It was a strange “glass-like” quality
flooded material tunnels
I really liked this lightbulb
just a pile
beef says “derp”
this bus looks a bit shocked
I can get you glass… really cheap
The natural light in here was excellent

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