Northwoods WI 7.15.23 Water access only!

Northwoods : Lincoln County WI. These two sites were frozen in place and time respectively! While up north this past summer, I had a local friend recommend these sites to me. Each one was only accessible through a water route. Hopes were high, but I didn’t expect to find what we did.

After we loaded up a backpack with a couple/few beers each and our phones, we climbed into the boat. It was July, an abandoned property, near water, and yet we had long pants on to protect us! From uncut grass and shrubs, to bugs, and the normal dangers of an explore, I’ll keep rolling in my long pants.

Both of these sites were barely visible from the water! This 1st site was an old retro camper that someone placed on this land with care. While the camper faced the lake, they took the time to build an addition(which has since been crushed) onto the rear. I would love to know what year or model this camper is, and do a little math to figure out how long it has been here, locked in place.

I don’t use the term “locked in” lightly! This camper was placed here and many small saplings grew up and into place all around the perimeter of the trailer. Now those saplings have become mature trees! Even though the beavers are bringing those trees down, there is still no way out for this trailer. There is also no way in to this site for you, as all traces of a road or driveway have disappeared! There was an abundance of “alien” looking purple and green flowers and seed pods. I am fairly certain they are a type of milkweed, but their appearance and smell(very sweet) had me baffled and scratching my head!

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After we left the retro camper in our “rear view”, we started to head to the 2nd site. This site too, was only accessible by water. It wasn’t to far down the river/flowage so we walked the beach instead of crawling back into the boat! There were a couple structures on the beach from old abandoned pier to piles of drift wood.

When we left the beach and started heading up to the cabin, we came across a huge set of overturned trees! This had a very thin topsoil layer and a large root system, so it easily blew over. The most interesting thing is, you can clearly see a light pole embedded in the overturned ground! After we admired mother nature and her destructive force(reclamation skills), we started to hone in on the cabin in the distance! This hike would be a minor pain in the ass, but the end goal was in sight!

There was a “wall” of lush vegetation between us and or destination. Shrubs, tall grasses, and young pine trees made our trek difficult, but worth the effort! As we got closer I realized just how much this cabin looked like something out of a horror film! When I peeked in the very first window, I was assaulted by the funk of mold pouring through the opening! Since this was a “hit n run” while camping, we didn’t really have any of our regular gear(respirators, etc.). We decided to use a little caution, but also make a few sketchy choices! I entered the building with a makeshift mask(my shirt) on my face. I know this provides almost no protection, but I wasn’t going to miss this site!

Enjoy these pics of this moldy cabin (hunting cabin) that has been left vacant since Nov of 1999(frozen in time). My mind races with thoughts and ideas of what could’ve happened to the owners or occupants of this place?!? Have they died, left the country, or did someone just forget about “Uncle Jim’s” hunting cabin in the Northwoods after he passed away. It all seems like a waste- from the Radio Flyer, to the dishes, and even the furniture. There was so much that was just left behind. These are my favorite places to explore, even though they are a bit unsettling and saddening! With so much left behind and no signs of life, these places feel like abduction points. (Vanished without a trace)

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I’ve learn what they are now. yet I’ve forgotten
They really had me daydreaming
water level was low this season
crazy how many trees were just blown over
natural paintball bunker
field of “alien flowers”
fields of aliens plants
well I guess we wont go in
This tree collapsed and gave us a sketchy entrance
Beavers IRL… Woah
never had I seen this much evidence of beaver
it was crazy to me
Don’t be sad Bright eyes
That beaver had some great aim
A non-sketchy door
Strange place for a bird bath base
mmmhhh droppings
“sit down and eat”
old school treadmill crushed by the roof
clean mirror
saddened, they all work
crushed treadmill
who is washing here?
more wind damage
crushed shed
crushed but salvageable? Hankscraft humidifier
abandoned pier
wtf is that
its not that big
oh wait?!?!?
this was not a mound or dirty as i initially thought
an overturned multi-tree root system
and it you look closely on the left, there is a light pole sticking thought also.. erosion and low water levels = crazy
horror movie ish
we had to open it up for a few minutes! MOLDIEST site ever
I was in love with this chimney, don’t judge
Everything left behind
I didn’t notice this huge damaged beam until I was all the way in
been here a long time waiting for explorers
radio flyer!
Freaking trees, falling all around
seems kinda livable from here
what does this plug go to ?I want there to be a bunker on the other end of this plug?
I was right behind this glass
55gln drum
lone fisherman
Long pants for the woods
The scent of mold was pouring out this window
Favorite beer ever
prop that door open
we never move ish
yet I had to play the “extinguisher game”
I had to just move 1 extinguisher
let abandoned for so long
saving this as a chandelier would be awesome
old duck/hunting blind
again, barely visible from the water

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