Not every explore can be a win… 9.24.21

So after I failed to locate this property on my initial recon attempt, My partner in exploration totally google-fu’d the shit out of our research and came up with the correct location…

We were in there no fail…….

Well even the best laid plans can go to shit… We drove out there and walked to the property, all geared up and ready for a pile of pics. Yet, the “new screw and plywood crew” must’ve just recently been thru to the building.

There were a few garages and out buildings we were able to access with varrying degrees of success.

No main entry, but still a cool lil walk and mini explore!

On our way to the site, my parnter noticed an abandoned chiropractor’s office. On our way home, we drove past that office and tugged on a few doors… again, only the garage was open 馃檨 double bust

but we learned a valuable lesson on this day… My Partner has STRONG GOOGLE-fu

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