Laps around the local area Part 2. 7.30.23

Continuing our multi-stop mornings we hooked up early in the am and headed out to a few spots we had our eyes on! The first spot we headed to was an old swing bridge on Milwaukee’s eastside, which we literally stumbled onto. This was really just a walk past, but it provided some cool views and interesting history to start out our morning. All the freight and material that was carried on these tracks is crazy to think about. After we finished this spot, we had our run-in with the 2 workers(from the previous post) and we ran our asses off! Once we were safely back in my vehicle we adjusted our plan and picked a new spot from our ever growing recon list.

The list of places we have cultivated is starting to get unmanageably long. Even with that fact, it is refreshing to have so many potential spots to continually drive past, do recon, and attempt to enter! This hobby is a long-term endeavor and it helps to stay up on your “homework”.

What follows are our pictures from part of this summer morning! We hope you decide to play along! We really are having too much fun on these morning explores!

We had a few spots on the list for this day. Some of them were sketchier than others, and that informed our next decision. We decided to head to a long abandoned motel on the southwest side of Milwaukee. This place has been vacant for a long time. During it’s operation it had rented many of its rooms out to long stay customers. When I was in high school one friends aunts lived here for an extended period of time. During the late 90’s, while this place was a bit run-down, it was in measurably better shape than today.

The black mold, decay, and collapsing ceilings were all dangers to keep in mind while exploring this place. It was a fun little explore to be able to visit a place I had hung out in high school! Nothing waits for father time… Our pictures are a bit mixed up as we were all over this small site that morning with no real direction! Like normal there are a ton of similar/same shots from both our cameras.. Sorry for any confusion!

We hope you decide to play along! If you are enjoying our content, email us and spread the work! Tell some of your friends or co-workers to check out our explores! Any and all interaction is most certainly appreciated!

Now for the pictures I can definitely say are my exploration partner’s pics… Even though this was a super short and moldy explore, it was still worth every second!

solid wood
the history here
this thing rotates
electronic games
moldy collapsing ceilings
VHS for sale
motel office
bar is open
what happened to these mags??
read slow and take in the info
contacts with 04 expire date on em
do love this color oven!

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