WB electronic recycling center- 3.19.23 —- This is the 2nd part post, to the very 1st UE post on here, ENJOY! We did…

11 months… almost to the day it took to complete this post!(6 month or so to complete the explore)… This is the 2nd part post, to the very 1st UE post on DecadesOfDecay.com ! After being deflated all those months ago, we knew it was only a matter on time. Time until someone would find a way into this site. We finally got decent info from an app. Usually no one shares thier locations.. Yet someone said they had been there recently….

Score, we started making plans to go check it out.. Getting to the sight some 6 months later can be hard. A ton can change in 6 months in WI. The lack of leaves was something I should’ve been prepared for, but NOPE…. Our exposure this time was super high, houses all around…

We hope you decide to play along!

Give our Walk-thru a listen and/or Email us SendUsPlaces@DecadesofDecay.com

The 1st pile of pics are mine. Nothing too crazy, but really fucking fun none the less!

Next my UE partner’s pics….(she has phone envy )

“black hole” or “Darth Vader” is what we called the multi syrup dranks when I was young
swinging yellow monitor
swinging yellow monitor
Blue Balls side pockets
big, yet so lil HD
that shit aint safe
nope nope nope
deep ice
this pic doesnt do it justice
double pump the gas
jugs… what, i was lil
snipin foos
love these
love these
ice fountain
she coo
deep ice
frozen in time(ice)
hey YOU
hey You
hangin yellow monitor housing
dong profile
frozen bear in pants
this pic shows the lake/rivers/flowages of ice we had to traverse… loudest, deepest ice I’ve been on other than a lake
hang glider
“Dyuck” flat frozen dog
slippery as fuck frozen feet! this layer of ice, or thicker was literally everywhere!!

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