Motor Castings 11.28.21 The explore that restarted it all!

So this place really did ignite a fire in me for Urban Exploration as an adult. I had gone as a child to old farm houses and cabins that had been abandoned. Even in my teens I did a little bit of UE, but mid 2021 I couldnt stop thinkin about going and finding a site!

On my way home from a friends house I drove past this site, and it was clearly abandoned! So I made plans to do a lil recon and hopefully find a way it. There are a couple bars/ restaurants in the area, so as I walked the streets near this site it wasnt to obvious that I was planning on trespassing 🙂

Things kept getting in the way of making it in that night.. Poorly timed cars, flickering street lights, and a neighbor with a few new infrared cameras pointed right at the best ways in 🙁 So I bailed….

A few days went by and I was deflated. It felt like the universe didnt want to let me explore. I went out on a Sunday morning for brunch and a bloody mary, and on my way home I decided to drive past the site and maybe hop a fence.. Thinking that there was no way I would find an open access point.

Well I parked my vehicle and proceeded to walk to the area with best cover. The fence was an easy hop! I was over it in no time. Partly because as I made it 80% over the fence, it shifted and I fell on my ass! ha

Well that was easy, now I was a lil sore. Surely I wouldn’t be able to find a way in .. All I had to do was tug on 1 door… yep, the 1st door I tried gave me access to a site that I would visit many times, enjoying each new time a lil more than the last!

So I drove home quick, changed in UE clothes/boots and snagged my UE bag.. My bag was light on camera equip. this time around.. Mainly flashlights, 1st aid, respirators, water, chemical lights, batteries, etc.. Plan for almost anything and you won’t be shocked when shit happens!

I heard it before a long while ago, and it is something I live by when I am out exploring.. a manta?


Also downloadable here:

many more pics from this site to come

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