Motor Castings Part 2 12.4.21

So a few days went by and I couldn’t stop thinking about going back to MC. It was like a new love. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I decided to go alone less than 1 week later, but this time take my better camera.(not that I am any good with it)..

I wasn’t expecting anything different or unseen, as I thought I covered the site fairly well. I was in for a few surprises.. I missed an entire basement floor and a partial basement under the “loading dock/ over pour area”…

As usual I had my UE bag with first-aid, gloves, respirators, lights, batteries, and my better camera. The pics that follow are from both my phone and my t5i. Please be kind, I am still a rookie with my canon.

If you want to play along and hear my thoughts/ memories on each site, click this link and you will be taken to an audio walk thru….

Also downloadable here:

4 thoughts on “Motor Castings Part 2 12.4.21”

  1. Beef,
    Amazing photos! I don’t think that this is something that I could do, but I love seeing the pics. Though, still looking for your movie poster on here…

    One suggestion for the site, if the mad web wizard you have coding this is able… have the photo galleries be scrollable or set up like an album. Having to go back and forth for every photo takes away a bit, just my opinion.

    2 thoughts as well, first, have you thought about using a mini/micro video drone to capture some additional photos/footage?
    Secondly, kind of a recommendation. As your UE activities aren’t exactly legal, you should be cautious with your personal defense carry while out there. If I can offer a recommendation, the Umarex T4E Walther PPQ. It’s a .43 cal pepperball launcher that looks damned realistic and would deter all but the most determined assholes.

    Happy trails!

    • Thanks Man! I will look into these things! I am so new to website building:/ ill get there.
      I do have a drone and am in the process of getting better, but I do have some video of this site being torn down. I will share that at some point when I get the youtube account up and linked. Also, the “Tresspassing” poster will come out when I share that gallery 🙂
      I will explain my thoughts on your personal protection comments on Wholesome Addiction.. ep 500 or 501, just better for me to talk it out than type it. But I do like you idea and recommendation.


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