So after a day of getting shafted on our other explores….. 9.24.21

We were both a bit deflated….

So we part ways… Yet, we end up back together and go for a beer or 3….

On our way home, we decide to “tug a few more doors”.. A church/school I took “CCD ” classes in.

There was a bit of nervousness from it being a semi- abandoned building… or a building we snuck into, with a potential worker or 2 on site…

Yet most corners we came around, I found myself greeted with visions from my past..

Learning (daydreaming) as a youth… trying to understand “faith/religion” as best as I could, without disappointing…

Fuck……… smells and sounds trigger memory…

Yet, I was flooded with thoughts of my past from this site… Spatial awareness, really took me back!!

My mother went to school here… its all cyclical….

I-WE will be back

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