Motor Casting part 3 12.5.21

So when I was first toying with the idea of starting urban exploration again, I posted a few “looking for” posts on facebook. Out of all my friends, only 2 people showed any real interest before the pics started to post! It just so happened that 1 of those people is a pretty damn good photographer in her spare time. It also doesn’t hurt that she is willing to teach me some photography skills, and can deal with beef’s impatient brain!!

So the galleries that follow are her pics from the 1st day. It was raining pretty good that day.. Less of a rain and more of a heavy mist, so it was still pretty light out.

If you want to play along and hear my thoughts/ memories on each site, click this link and you will be taken to an audio walk thru….

Also downloadable here:

So this damn stairwell. I promised a lil mini story and you shall have it!

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