A Quick Recon Turns Into An Unplanned Explore! Aug. ’23 S.G. Courteen Seed Warehouse

This morning started out like most of our summer mornings. We loaded up our gear and headed out to parts mostly forgotten! By the time we reached this site, we had been “at it” for a few hours already, and we were both pretty exhausted from trudging around on uneven footings and overgrown landscapes. We wanted to “stop” past one more site and do a little preliminary recon. If things went well, we would hit that site the following week!

We planned to head to our next destination, breakfast. Yet, there was the old S.G. Courteen seed warehouse on our way with only minor course corrections! As we approached this monster of a structure, Its 10 story construction and cream city brick exterior were unmistakable. This building was, for a time, one of the heaviest, strongest, and sturdiest ever constructed in Milwaukee, and some say the country! It had the ability to carry a live load of over 400lbs per square foot!

The closer we got to the building, the more and more it looked to be completely sealed! We found a small parking area a couple blocks down, and decided to walk the perimeter. When we turned to walk down the last angled side of the building we were greeted with a large hole that had recently been opened up!

Since this stop had initially been planned as recon only, we were both light on gear. I ran back to the car and only snagged a couple of lights, leaving behind my partner’s good camera.(This is what she wanted) We have since determined to never leave behind the good camera!

These vast open spaces, lined with their massive concrete supports, were something you had to see! This building had an eerie stillness to it, almost as though it knew its time was coming to an end! 222 W. Freshwater Way’s massive structure is now completely gone. All that remains is a vacant lot with bits of rubble and an industry long forgotten!

We didn’t take as long as we could’ve or should’ve here, and sadly demo had begun on our second attempt to gain entry! This was one of those completely unexpected, yet we should’ve know, finds! These are the places to keep your eyes open for!

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And Now, On with the show!

As is always the case, my pics will be first, then my UE partner’s photos will be shown! There are (like always) a ton of similar pics from both of us. We tend to like the same things and have similar vision, yet her pics lean more towards artistic!

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These next pics will be my UE partner’s pics with only her phone! Never leave the gear behind!

We knew they had to be here
slightly flooded basement with chemical powder on top of the water
fire extinguisher powder on top of the water
solid foundation
the open spaces were staggering
never got to use this as a slide
Hanging and sliding door
vertigo inducing elevator shaft
a lil dizzy here
100+ year old tool room
100+ year old tool room
100+ year old tool room
100+ year old tool room
100+ year old tool room
“tool box”
small stove/heat source for a vagrant
small stove/heat source for a vagrant
small stove/heat source for a vagrant
roof access
roof access
roof access
North-East facing
tiny elevator
barely big enough for 1 person
a bosun’s chair was hanging down into that black abyss of a seed silo from a very old rope
furniture storage
electronic storage
house-like offices in the warehouse
fireplace in the offices
very cool old entryway
all the items once stored in here!
a beef
love this old wood work
love this old wood work

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