Abandoned Parchment Papermill April 2024 – The Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Company – KVP

This gallery contains pics of DOD’s second time to this site! On the first visit to this site I was alone, and that will have its own post in the next few months, STAY TUNED! Both of these posts will be some of our largest posts to date. We just couldn’t stop taking pictures or … Read more

Huge Decaying Religious & Educational Campus in the Midwest (pics from a few more recent visits) *** The Bird Incident***

TL;DR – History is fun and the caring people who lived and worked here strove towards benefiting the lives of countless individuals! This entire complex has such a rich and layered history. Since it’s inception, this place has been helping to better the lives of all individuals with disabilities, learning or otherwise. At a time … Read more