St. Coletta 5.1.22

Clearly I have a problem with starting most of my posts with “So”. I am going to try and avoid that. The way I explore is heavily ocd and adhd based, I see it or think about it, and it has to happen…

Right as spring started last year, I saw a post on an abandonded facitly/compound not far from me. I was flooded with a rush of memories. I had driven past this place many times when I used to drive truck. So plans were made and bags were packed! I was fully unaware of what I would run into, so I loaded my bag up the same as any good boy scout.

When I arrived on site I remembered how large this place is. There are approx 14 buildings on the site including a church, pool, school, residence halls, etc. With this many buildings I had high hopes of getting in.

I walked around and I tugged on every door and window within reach, no luck! It seemed as though the majority of the site was completely locked down… I did end up finding an access point on one of the out buildings. It was a residence hall and quite a distance away from the school and main buildings, so I figured it would be a short explore.

This is where the fun and eerie explore starts!

I hope you decide to play along!

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Rose Kennedy spent many years of her life at this facility. She arrived here in 1949 a few years after a botched lobotomy. This site has so much history and I hope to get back there a few more times. With a lil luck maybe I’ll even gain entry to the few buildings I didnt make it into.

HEY I got a feeling about this
signs underground
lobotomy room?
purple room to the right had a bed roll in it
looks like lost island
looks like lost island
looks like lost island
this room had a bed roll in it. nice to “sleep uinder the stars”
class is in session
I wanted em soo bad
felt like the fire extinguishers, being piled up
signs underground
institution living made better by painted trees
lets climb this
the church in the distance
the church in the distance
sketchy AF
sofaking loud when you walk dont there.. with no cell coverage :/
fucking creepy, 1st exit outa the tunnels
“a box of SCRAP”
so cool and old rooftop green house
so cool and old rooftop green house
serioulsly thought someone was gonna run up on my.. hand was on my knife
the school
ton of water damage
Piano man play me a tune
school is out
love this shot
drama is so dramatic
drama is so dramatic
this floor is buckling like my mind
warpped like my brain
why would these be seperate?
The door to John Malkovich’s brain
cool shot from the stage
behind the curtain
This THIS IS THE FUCKER that stopped me.. :/ maybe next time
I pictured Rose Kennedy sitting here at some point

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