WWII Monument that shouldn’t exist…. 6.19.22

When I first heard about this monument in southeastern Wisconsin, I didn’t believe it was real. I mean, how could it be real? If it was actually real, how was it still standing today? These are all things I had to find out.

Being of European origins, heavily German, this monument blew my mind. It was constructed to one man’s (or an entire country’s) delusions. Maybe at the end, he had to lie to himself to make sense of his youth.. But I don’t know, there seems to be a ton of revisionist history going on here…

Yet, here it was… Essentially in my backyard…

What follow are our pictures from that day! There wasn’t a ton left at the site, but it was interesting to visit. Scary to think people are still promoting this type of confused history and hate…

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2 thoughts on “WWII Monument that shouldn’t exist…. 6.19.22”

  1. Amazing Beef! Well done. They should demo this place asap before people bring tiki-torches and sacrifice goats there, or worse. Thank you for brining this to light and the context you provided.


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